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Under 8 DVC – Doctor Visit Card

All children living in Ireland under 8 years of age can apply for a Doctor Visit Card for free GP care.

Newborn infants can apply without a PPS number (up to 4 months old) – leave this box blank.

When completing the online application the easiest way to select Doctor is enter the number “53573”.  For practice operational purposes all patients in the practice will be allocated to the GMS list of Dr Thomas O’Byrne (GMS 53573). This does not impact whichever of the Doctors you wish to attend for your appointments. 

The online application can usually be completed in under 5 minutes.

Click here to Apply Online


Applications can also be sent by email or post

Please see below link for signed application form that can be completed and returned by either:



National Medical Card Unit – under 8s GP visit cards,
PO Box 12629,
Dublin 11

Download Signed and Stamped Under 8 DVC application form